Name the 5 greatest ROCK DRUMMERS?
2008-09-20 22:18:04 UTC
Mine are:

1. Keith Moon
2. Ginger Baker
3. Mitch Mitchell
4. Jon Lord
5. Cozy Powell
Fifteen answers:
2008-09-21 09:06:40 UTC
My favorites.

1.Keith Moon

2.Neil Peart

3.Dave Lombardo

4.Ringo Starr

5.Jukka Nevalainen
2008-09-20 22:25:37 UTC
1. Keith Moon

2. John Bonham

3. Ginger Baker

4. Neil Peart

5. Ringo Starr
2016-05-25 13:27:26 UTC
Springsteen & The E Street Band: A bit of time out between late 80s to 90s, but with albums like Born To Run & Darkness On The Edge Of Town in 70s, and The River and Born In The USA in 80s....and still doing 2.5-3 hour shows now when tour it's hard to top the Boss. The Eagles: A few changes in the line-up over the years - and "a 14 year vacation" - but always sheer class in whatever style they play. Meat Loaf and The Neverland Express: Even though more like a McDonalds franchise than a band (same clown up the front all the time with staff changing behind the counter)...The Big Fella and whoever is with him at the time will rock. Alice Cooper: Another franchise, but boy can Vince get your attention. Guns N' Roses: "I-I-I-I got something in my eye...where did they go now?" Now I've got that out of my system Slash is up there with the best of them.
alan c
2008-09-21 10:47:30 UTC
Jon Lord? He played keyboards not drums and is also retired.

1: John Bonham

2: Ian Paice - Deep Purple see above.

3: Bill Ward

4: Neil Peart

5: Cozy Powell
2008-09-20 22:24:33 UTC
Ginger Baker

John Bonham

Danny Carey

Keith Moon

Carl Palmer
becca d
2008-09-21 04:08:09 UTC
1. Mike Portnoy

2. Nick D'virgilio

3. Kieth Moon

4. Futureman

5 Terry Bozio
2008-09-21 00:35:50 UTC
1. Mike Portnoy

2. Marco Minnemann

3. Neil Pert

4. Dave Lombardo

5. Bonzo
2008-09-20 23:03:53 UTC
Neal Peart,

Andy Summers,

Ringo Starr,

Bev Bevans


Barrimore Barlow
2008-09-21 03:11:21 UTC
hi phil collins, chester thompson, alan white, bill bruford, neil peart, and jon lord is the keyboard player with deep purple not a drummer
2008-09-20 22:21:35 UTC
1. keith moon

2. ginger baker

3, charlie watts

4 matt abts ( gov't mule)

5. john bonham
2008-09-20 22:35:49 UTC
Can't Really Name Five But I Like Travis Barker A Lot && the Drummer For The Red Hot Chili Peppers
2008-09-20 22:24:51 UTC
1)Neil Peart

2)Neil Peart

3)Neil Peart

4)Neil Peart

5)Keith Moon
Drum Mania
2008-09-20 22:30:00 UTC
1. Travis barker

2. bob bordon

3. jacob smith


5. whoever plays for 3 doors down
2008-09-20 22:40:41 UTC
keith, ginger, nikko mcbrain, vinnie appice and gene krupa - you know the syncopation king???
2008-09-20 22:41:01 UTC
danny carey and john bonham and john fishmannnnnnnnnnn!

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